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Big Group Hug takes pre-loved goods sourced from our community to give them a second life with a disadvantaged family, whilst alleviating the financial burden. The amount of waste that our small organisation cuts down through this up-cycling process is eye-opening. Perfectly good pre-loved items that would otherwise be in landfills are now helping kids in our community.

This online store is operated by the charity Big Group Hug.

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The Difference Your Purchase Makes

1 in 6 children in Australia live in poverty.

Your purchase can help alleviate the cycle of poverty that simply shouldn't exist. Your contribution will support vulnerable families by providing new and pre-loved donated goods for the children in their care, from newborn to 16-years-old. By making a purchase, you can help distribute items like formula, clothes, cots, car seats, prams toys and toiletries to struggling families in your neighbourhood.

Thank you for your generosity.

All Items for Purchase are Donated

Sometimes, items are generously donated to us that we can not pass on to the families we support.

We will be selling these hand-selected items here to raise more funds for our cause, and to elevate the support we offer the community.

The items that will be sold, will fall into several categories:

  • Excess stock of an item that cannot be stored or used in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Item donated that are unable to be given to a recipient, through normal processes due to Big Group Hug standards and criteria.
  • Item specifically donated for Big Group Hug to sell.
  • Items may also be given away for free on the Shopify site.

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